SANYOG (2016)

Fiction // 19min // Crime // Drama


‘Sanyog’ : Chance/Co incidence/Connection
Late night at a chawl in central Mumbai, a prostitute finds the courage to leave her sterile and meaningless life.  A hostage girl escapes her kidnappers, causing a shootout between some gangsters. And a paralysed war veteran tries to walk after years of a sedentary lifestyle, All happening next door to each other in a singular

uninterrupted shot.


Yashpal Sharma

Trimala Adhikari

Surabhi Mallick

Sagar Ramaiya

Vikrant Verma

Hitesh Arora

Rajveer Popalghat


Yashpal Sharma

Amit Jairath

Rajveer Popalghat

MOKSHA (2015)

Fiction // 11 min // Crime // Psychological Drama

An armed security guard is riddled with guilt after he kills his co-worker one night.

Amitābha (2015)

Documentary // 11min // Buddhism

The film is about Buddhism and its existence among two individuals in China today. The film switches from a monk’s daily life to a young teacher and her family. It shows their individual ideas about Buddhism and their own ways of practicing it. Ultimately, the film becomes a showcase of how the ideas of the Buddha still prevail in modern China.

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